The Slackers

Wasted Days

The Slackers are back with a new record and a tour to back it; by the time this went to print they were probably playing Live at Ernesto's in southern Holland again.

What can I say - I couldn't stop listening to this record for weeks. Wasted Days comes galloping at you with a lead pipe wrapped in cotton; a blistering story of jilted love told to a rocksteady beat. "What have I done wrong / That I should be sorry? / You broke my heart / You left in no hurry." The next two tracks even out the beat with some straightforward bluesy Ska until we lilt into "Dub 2," one of the best dub tracks put out by a ska band that I have heard. "Dave's Friend" is up next with some slide guitar and subject material that make it a shoe in for the number one country Ska song to date.

One thing that bothered me about the album, and ska/punk music in general, is the new disturbing trend of doing Bon Jovi covers. Come on everyone, Less Than Jake has already covered more Bon Jovi than ever needs to be (and toured with them!); at a recent show, the Offspring said they'd do BJ covers if the audience wanted, but the Slackers doing "Wanted Dead or Alive?" It's a travesty, although New York's finest do pull it off well.

Except for the aforementioned track, this record mostly rocks the house in every Jamaican vein possible. Be sure to check it out. There's also a vinyl version that has extra songs that I've heard good things about. If you "can't get yourself to a record store," download the song "Dave's Friend" at the Slackers Website.



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