The Slackers

Live at Ernesto's

This is a great live show by Hellcat Records' own Slackers, set at Ernesto's, a mexican restaurant in southern Holland. The Slackers' original dynamic and energy can be glimpsed during the between-song chatter. The same can be said for the crowd, who are really pleased to be at this show and even take to the mic once or twice.

I've only seen them once live, but I do remember them being this good! Their solid ska sound varies from the trad to the recent, but doesn't cover so much ground that they end up losing cohesion.

The guitar is steady, the bass rolling, and the horn trio of Dave Hillyard, Glen Pine, and Jeremy Mushlin are not to be missed, belting out their fatty riffs, especially on "Keep Him Away" and "Runaway" in the encore. This album stands out as being both live and a great listen, which is a combination you can't always find.



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