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Primo Sonic Rhythms Vol.2

Where to begin? Primo Sonic Rhythms Vol. 1 was one of the first reviews that Rude Roots did. Now three years later Rivercidal Syndicate Records, once in danger of closing its doors for good, is back with another one of them block-rockin' treats.

The record is not without its problems. Even the original had the unlistenable "Revenge of the Poon Poon" tacked on the end. This one's weakness lies in the fact that many of the songs are ones you may already know. However, at the same time, it showcases bands (and especially certain tracks by those bands) that are little-known.

Take for example "The Destroyer" by the Aggrolites. This completely instrumental organ-driven scorcher is what made me like the band in the first place. Before this record, it was only available as a 1.5-minute sample out there in internet land. I've been requesting this song at every one of their shows - they just don't do it. So, PSR vol. 2 is the only game in town. Another major jewel in this crown is the Empire All-Stars. Somewhere along the line they picked up a singer, although he doesn't appear on their contribution to the platter, Journey. Yes this track has appeared on another comp, but my point is that anything featuring this group is worth a second or third look. In the same vein, Dub Street Rockers (Jah-Reggae), The Vessels (defunct Jesus-reggae), Full Spectrum (VERY good traditional jazzy ska) and Irie Beats (modern old-skool L.A. reggae) grace the oevre.

Rude Roots' appraisal of PSRV2: A strong buy.

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