Primo Sonic Rhythms v.1

Rivercidal Syndicate Records has put together a comp of most of the best ska and reggae bands in southern California. You can pick this record up for next to nothing, and it'll be well worth ten times what you pay for it.

Usually it's hard to review comps because people generally put two or three golden tracks on a compilation album and fill the rest up with throwaways. This is not the case with Primo Sonic Rhythms! There are NO throwaway tracks, this album is .999 fine gold. One of my favorite unknown ska bands, the Allentons, represent with one of their great instrumental tracks, "AVI" in a trad ska/rocksteady vein. The Debonaires, an up-and-coming rocksteady/reggae band, are up next with a swingin' rocksteady track, "Change of Mood". Heavy use of keyboards is a very appropriate touch. Also of note is their dub track "False Prophecies". This song easily rivals any Dub that the Slackers did on Wasted Days.

Other awesome bands on the album include Irie Beats (check out their instrumental reggae/ska track "Wild Party"; Kingston 10, both "The Element" (a Skatalites-reminiscent instrumental) and "City Rhythm", with vocals by Sandra Horn and Sara Marcias (one of the best F/F vocal pairings since DHC); See Spot, So. Cal Shocks of Mighty, Empire All-Stars, and Rhythm Doctors.

You can pick this album up direct from Rivercidal. Do it and support the scene!



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