The Kingpins

Watch Your Back

This is an older release from Canada's own spy-flavored ska, the Kingpins. I would have to say that this is their best ska effort to date, and their tightest foray into the realm of their chosen musical style as well. This record was recorded two lineups ago, but the Kingpins have never stopped having as much fun as they must have had making this one in each successive incarnation.
Watch Your Back came right around the time when the Kingpins were finishing up with the spy theme in their music (songs like the title track are good examples of this) and embarking on experiments like adding pop and rocksteady to the mix (in the next album, the song "Johnny Rock Steady" is absolutely not to be missed. I wish they would play the rocksteady more often). Also, in a bit of foreshadowing of her future role as lead vocalist, Lorraine takes over the mic from Paddy on the song "The Ten Commandments of Ska", that "with respect to Prince Buster" takes a more universal approach to the classic song. They do tip their hats to him with the lyric "Number seven, drink a rum; number 8, Wreck a Pum Pum!"



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