King Konqueror

Smash Hits

King Konqueror is a perfect ska-rock bar band from eastern Canada that will get you rockin'. These guys successfully combine a rock star image with a socially positive message in songs such as 'Monkey Business', which points out the fact that we're all just different kinds of the same monkey. The refrain ("We are tall monkeys and we are short monkeys / we are black monkeys and we are white monkeys / we are wrong monkeys and we are right monkeys") can get a bit repetitive and annoying, but taken for what it is, it's better than most of the bar fare that I've heard. The third song, 'Hush Up', has another repetitive refrain, but I like the music. If you're in the mood for something calmer, the next track, 'Mama Don't Worry' delivers with a heartfelt ballad. Song six, 'Chicken Wing', is a cute rocker along the lines of Jamaican Slack music.
Since it's an EP, I won't touch on every song, so that you have some surprises left if you go get the album. When in Nova Scotia, be sure to check these boys out. You can visit them at their website, and find out when they're playing next.



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