Kevin Batchelor

Batchelor Party

In a world where the best puns using the word Ska in a band name were all used up in the sixties, it's too bad that Kevin Batchelor had to use up the best pun possibly constructed with his name on his first album. (What else could he do in the future with it...hmm... a pun involving "Batcheolor Buttons"? Or how about a record with all female vocals called "Kevin and the Batchelorettes"?)

Jokes aside, KB (as he is known) has put out a steadily rocking rocksteady album. The tracklist reads like that of the Trojan Rocksteady Box Set, though all the tracks have been updated with modern instruments and arrangements. The singing too is different from what you'll find in the original rocksteady tracks (I suppose that's why they call them 'covers'). I am a big fan of 'Singas Ah Dweet' but at the same time I can't reconcile purely R&B style lyrics paired with a rocksteady track when rocksteady was the first serious attempt to bend Motown style to Jamaican sensibilities.

As for the musicianship, it can't be beat. Kevin kicks out the finest notes on the covers as well as the originals. I have seen him play with the Skatalites and can testify that he is not only good in the studio but great live too. For ten bucks at Ernie B's you can make this scorcher yours. Do so and commit to being a long-term bachelor.



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