Looking for Joe


Hebro is the best band that you might not have heard. Drawing upon their experiences in the Vibe Raiders and other bands as well as the inspiration of acoustic acts like Chris Murray and Dan Potthast, they put together a stripped-down ska sound that is hard to beat. One feature of their sound that I am especially drawn to is the use of kazoos. It has been far too long since I heard kazoos in ska, and these guys pull it off, with 1-3 kazoos at a time!

Hebro's album, Looking for Joe, is good. I don't think it does justice to the wonder that is Hebro though. They are a band to be seen live, indeed they have been playing live at Larry Blake's on a weekly basis for over a year. This is obviously a first attempt and I'm sure the next one will be mixed a little better. Also, I like all of their original material; but I also miss some of the more obscure covers that they do onstage (everybody's done "Push Wood". How about some other Jackie Opel?)

In short, go see these guys, or pick up their cd at www.hebroska.com.



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