The Harmonics

You're Wrong

I recently had to tell a colleague that his band was "staggeringly bad". I wasn't trying to be mean, and he knows it, I simply couldn't figure out why as a musician and promoter he would want to be associated with it due to how horrific its music is. To my surprise, he took my opinion straight to heart and hasn't talked to me since. That bothers me, but sometimes you just have to be brutally honest.
Once more into the breach, dear friends, go we. The new album by the Harmonics is so cover-your-ears bad, you may want to have aural protection if you play it. Honestly, this is some of the worst music to come out of the Northwest since Green Island, their direct predecessors.
As Adam Liebling will tell you, there's always a danger when you have a 'rocksteady' themed band. Rocksteady's hard to do, and harder to do well. This band fails at it. Instead of laying down sweet vocal harmonies so typical of great rocksteady (like New York's The Bluebeats are currently doing), these guys appear to be singing four different songs over one rhythm--that's how noncontiguous their attempts at harmony are.
I wish success and give mad respect to Boston's Spit Shine Records, who put this album out. However, they are batting about a .5 when it comes to their artists. If you want to hear one of their good new releases, check out Rikki Rocksteady. You'd be "wrong" to assume that the Harmonics are the best spit shine is capable of.



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