Chris Murray

Six Songs

Chris Murray (previously known as Venice Shoreline Chris) is back on another shift as the one man ska band with Six Songs. There are some great tracks here, such as the jangly "Rock Steady" and the very well known "Ex-Darlin'".

Chris does great all by himself up on stage as well as in the studio. When he has help though, the results can be stupendous. He and friends rerecorded the DWT tune "F-train", opting for a much faster version than the original (you can hear the original, 5-minute song recorded by Da Whole Thing on For more of Chris rocking out with a big band, you should check out the track Almost Home on After Hours' new release, "The Trouble with those guys is...".

So far, this has endured as one of Chris Murray's best releases, so if you can't get ahold of it, try buying it directly from Chris at .



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