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At long last, the new Monkey album is about to hit shelves! This one is another ska-musical injection with a hefty pinch of Latin spice that makes it sound oh-so-nice. As you can read about in our interview, monkey feels that a certain amount of being in any ska band involves being a latin ska band, and it really comes through on this one. Curtis' dramatic voice lends creedence to their serious songs, such as "Satellite"; a heartfelt ballad that is already becoming a favorite at shows. His pipes also make the song funnier when they are poking fun at themselves, such as in "?Rito?", viz:

My name is Rito, I come from San Jo'
I've got no money, no mas Dinero
But I'm a Cowboy, So keep em comin'
The music's loud and The beats are thumpin
Come women come dance with me
Making love comes so easily for me
Cos my name is Rito, your latin lover from San Jose

The bass on this album is not played by the current bassist, Todd. However, this doesn't make it any less of an album. The next time you see Todd at a show you'll be able to pick out the special additions he has made to songs such as "Pride and the Animal", a caribbean-flavored (and accented) rollicker:
When I'm in the jungle I feel safe with the mangos
all the animals know I'm much to rough and tough to bear
'Cos I'm not afraid of anything in the jungle
Just as long as you're not there.

As always, look forward to some heavy, heavy monkey keys and belting horns. The drums, too, are not to be missed; as Micah has got the 2-4 drop thing down pat. This one is a keeper, folks.




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