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Kevin Batchelor - Batchelor Party
V/A - Safe Travel - The Rare Side of Rocksteady
V/A - Primo Sonic Rhythms V.2
Madness - The Dangermen Sessions
The Harmonics - You're Wrong
Hebro - Looking for Joe
Monkey - Station Wagon Living
Laurel Aitken - Rise and Fall
V/A - Forward March
The Players - Instrumental
King Konqueror - Smash Hits
The Orobians - Jamaican Tunes
V/A - Primo Sonic Rhythms
The Kingpins - Plan of Action
Chris Murray - 4 Trackaganza
The Kingpins - Watch Your Back
Slackers - Wasted Days
Prince Buster - King of Ska and Wreck a Pum Pum
Dance Hall Crashers - Purr
Slackers - Live at Ernesto's
Hepcat - Push N' Shove
Chris Murray - Six Songs