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The Soul Captives are aBay Area-Based ska/reggae outfit. These folks are the most promising thing to come out of the Bay's scene in a while. Check them out.

Go Jimmy Go is Hawaii's most influential ska band right now. This is their official website. You can also read an interview I did with them in the interviews section. They're frickin cool guys!

Planet Ska is a lot like Rude Roots: bunches of interviews, reviews, articles, etc. At this point, they probably have way more content than I do, and a lot of it is very good stuff.

A.K.A. Rudie is a D.C.-area band that is making the right noises over there. Check 'em out and get a copy of their new CD. "Trouble Clef".

Club Ska is a label and club in London serving up some of the oldest and newest (but certainly finest) ska music inna the UK.

Get Up Edina is a great site run by the lovely and talented Miss Upsetter (aka Joanna) that I have had a minor hand in promoting. Joanna makes custom barware and writes articles on ska/reggae fashion.

Ska-Forum (Francais) A pretty popular forum in French visited by a lot of pretty knowledgeable folks.

The Speakeasies are a connecticut-based rocksteady and reggae sensation. So far they have put out a split EP with the steady-ups and appeared on "Forward March". Look for good things from them in the future.

Dancin' Mood a Los Angeles-area based ska and reggae forum run by Jason Lawless of Lawless Street Records. Outside of the Toasters' forum, this is THE place in the states to chat about ska and reggae topics.

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