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Rude Roots would love to hear from you anytime. I've gotten several nice letters like this one:

Just thought it was only right to drop you an e-mail to say thanks for the great site. I had been listening to "Ruderoots" on live365 all the time at work and finally visted your site. Now your daily MP3 is my IE homepage. Loved that Monkey Ska tune. Keep that classic ska coming. Thanks again.

(name withheld by us)
Newark, Delaware

I just had to drop you an e-mail and let you know how much I love your internet station and how SIKED i was when i came across it on Live365. I've been listening to Ska, Reggae and Punk since I was a youngster and it takes me back when I hear some of the old music I haven't heard in a while.

(name withheld)
Walnut, California

I would like to say that I am enjoying your station. I'm sitting here at my desk at wok here in Texas (I'm from Oakland see my name) and the music is just taking me away from it all. I've never been to an Island, but I can just imagine myself laid up on a beach with a nice cool drink in my hand, having the time of my life. Keep up the good work.

(name withheld)
Austin, Texas

Contact Dr. Jones (programmer, designer, copywriter, interviewer, blah blah blah) at: doctorjones at ruderoots dot com. I promise I'll reply!

What is Rude Roots?
You wouldn't be the first to ask! (You'd literally be the second.) Rude Roots is many things: an online Zine that features Interviews, Music Reviews, and Jamaican music news. It's the easiest way to access Rude Roots' own internet radio station. All you need to listen is an MP3 player (i.e. Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch, etc.) and an internet connection. Rude Roots also does music, t-shirt, and zine giveaways whenever possible.

Pictured below is a typical bullpen session of Rude Roots' editorial staff (Oliver North, Bruce Lee, and Mikhel Gorbachev) called in to discuss editorial guidlines.